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Bridge Lessons Online

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Sign up to online lessons and pick up all the winning techniques at Bridge Lessons Online.

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Winning Deals

Louise M.: “Not only has this been my daily stimulation and social lifeline during an extremely unfortunate time, but before taking what I like to call "Bridge Camp with Gail,” I feared being declarer. Now I find myself a more confident player, wanting greatly to play the hand and to utilize the new tricks picked up in class.  

Jan W.: “Gail, thanks for offering these classes. You have the perfect personality to be a teacher—fun, concise, and knowledgeable. The pace of the material is good—not too fast not too slow. Thanks, again “

Karen M.: “Gail's online bridge classes have been instrumental in improving my bridge skills. No matter what the topic, during class you will pick up countless tips on all aspects of playing the bridge hand. It is a live class, with a lot of interaction with the other people taking the class. Thanks, so much Gail for offering this during these social distancing times!!”

Mac M.: “I have been a student of Gail's for the past year. Never having played Bridge before, I was particularly impressed with her ability to present the basics in such a clear and concise manner and assist me in integrating them into my playing strategy. Recently, I have been taking her online classes and my play and confidence level has continued to increase.”

Pat N.: “Gail is a wonderful teacher. She always has a smile and explains everything we ask her about. I feel much more confident about my bridge game.”

Tay A.: “Gail is a natural, comfortable and competent bridge teacher! Bridge is not easy but with Gail's practice hands one will improve!”

Ellen L.: “My good friend Louise told me about Gail's on line lessons two weeks ago and I am so glad she did. Our bridge center here in Stuart is of course closed, so I was really happy to find lessons I could participate in from home. I have really enjoyed the lessons. The lessons are very well organized and challenging. I like the fact that I can pick and choose which topics I am interested in.”

Dean S.: “I have known Mrs. Gail Reams for a number of years. Without question, she is the finest teacher of Bridge in my experience. She is understanding and patient, very knowledgeable, covers a wide range of subjects including strategies, etiquette and rules. Questions are invited and answered without judgment. Finally, Gail has a great sense of humor which makes the classes fun. I highly recommend her.”

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