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Bridge Lessons Online

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Sign up to online lessons and pick up all the winning techniques at Bridge Lessons Online.

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Bridge Lessons 

Online by 

Gail Reams 

If there is one card game that will challenge any player, no matter how gifted, it has to be bridge. Knowing important conventions as well as mastering good declarer play and good defense will help you to win against even the most formidable opponents.

Now that you are confined to your home, this is the perfect time to learn. Let me show you how it’s done. Learn to play and win, just like a pro!

Online Mentoring 

Sign up for online lessons and learn all the winning techniques at Bridge Lessons Online. I teach intermediate and advanced player everywhere in the United States so if you are a snowbird or know bridge players in other states, please share this website with them. Choose from a variety of packages available now. 

Making Communities Healthier and Happier = Making Bridge Players Better and Happier

Gail Reams, a Certified Bridge Teacher, is available to give you bridge lessons online.

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Online Services Will Make It Easier

The Coronavirus can make a negative impact on your health. Experts are advising that you stay home to avoid contact with others who may have the disease. Learning bridge online will allow you to remain in the safety of your own home, relate to friends who will be joining you for the online class, and obtaining valuable information about bidding and play of the hand to improve your bridge game.

Your Teacher 

Gail Reams is a Better Bridge Certified Bridge Teacher with several decades of teaching experience. She is a Gold Life Master with over 3200 points and has recently attended a workshop conducted by the ACBL so she is now one of the first 20 teachers in the country to receive certification from ACBL as an Online Bridge Teacher.  Gail graduated from Duke University, received her Masters degree, and taught English in high school and college. For the past decade she has taught hundreds of students in innumerable classes at the Vero Beach Duplicate Bridge Center in Vero Beach, FL, which is the fourth largest bridge center in the United States. Since the pandemic, she has conducted over 200 online classes as well.

Conventions, Play of the Hand, Both Classes

I will cover the most popular conventions in bridge, which will allow you expand your bridge knowledge and play with more partners who are familiar with these conventions. Many players have been playing for years, without knowing or using many of these conventions. However, most experts know and use them all. Even if you decide not to use a convention, it is important to know it so you know what your opponents are doing.

Your Bridge Can Get Better

As a qualified bridge teacher, I am here to give you the instruction that you need.

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Play of the H​and

As declarer, it is imperative to know how to approach planning and playing bridge hands. We will discuss and provide solutions for some of the more challenging bridge hands. Most people taking this class will have more than 50 Master Points, but if you have fewer points and really want to improve, then these classes will be helpful for you.

Both Cla​sses

This is nor an “either or” situation. Many students decide they want to take both sets of classes, those on conventions and those of play of the hand. This is fine. It just means you will be better faster.

Bridge Lessons Online

When you sign up for a package and press the Paypal button, you may pay by either Paypal or with a credit/debit card. If you prefer to pay by check or Venmo, email me and we can make that happen. Once you have purchased your lessons, email me how many lessons you will be taking, and I will email you the hot links so you can join us on the lessons. Take your lessons whenever you want---every week at the same time, several times in one week, or spread your lessons out over the six weeks of the series.

I am using GoToMeeting as the platform so the link I will send you will allow you to download “Go To Meeting.” Be sure your computer has a camera and microphone since we have interactive lessons. You can participate as much or as little as you like. Then all you have to do is click on the link I send you and you will be able to join us for the lesson.

I send these links out each weekend so you will have 10 links for the following week (five for the morning and five for the afternoon) and can select which of those lessons you wish to take. since we have now started using Shark Bridge, you will need to click on the Shark Bridge link I send you as well as the GoToMeeting link. Students are loving the Shark Bridge since they are able to play actual hands themselves that demonstrate the concept we are studying that day. Also, on Shark Bridge I can put all my students, say six of them for that day in South, if that is the declarer's position, and everyone gets to play the hand.

Say you only take 3 lessons the first week and you have signed up for 5 lessons, then I will send you the links for the 10 lessons for the following week and you can choose which other two you wish to take. I will keep sending you links until you have attended 10 lessons for that series.

Say you sign up for 5 lessons for $100 and decide you wish to take 5 more lessons, then you will only need to pay an additional $70, but those lessons need to be within the same six-week series. As you can see from the payment chart, the cost goes down per lesson for taking additional lessons. If you take 20 lessons, the cost goes down from $20/lesson to $15 per lesson. If you take 60 lessons, the cost is only $10 per lesson. The pay cycle will start over again when the next six-week series begin. However, if you pay for more lessons than you use in that series, they roll over to the next series. So if you plan on taking 60 lessons this month and next, you could pay $600 up front for the two months rather than pay $400 this month for 30 lessons and $400 next month for another 30 lessons.

About Me

Teacher You Can Trust

Gail Reams, a graduate of Duke University with a Master's degree, has taught English on the high school and college level. She has over three decades of experience teaching bridge and is a Certified Bridge Teacher and Gold Life Master with over 3200 Masterpoints. For the past decade. she has been teaching a diversity of bridge classes at the Vero Beach Duplicate Bridge Center in Vero Beach, FL, the fourth largest bridge center in the United States.

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